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March 2002

Who Bought the Farm?
In the new global economy, can America depend on having a safe and affordable food supply? Two stories in this special report: The Future of the Family Farm and Antibiotics on the Farm.
Does the family farm still matter? Please share your comments, or read comments.

The Future of the Family Farm

  by Chris Farrell
Chris Farrell examines the role of family farms in the global marketplace, farmers' reliance on government subsidies to stay in business, and the changing economic landscape of rural America.
Read  Listen to Part 1  Listen to Part 2 (Real Audio, 34:00)

Through photos, see a precision agriculture farm, a soybean farm, an organic walnut farm, and retired rural americans. Listen in with audio clips.

What is a Family Farm?
Family farm, corporate farm, hobby farm—what's the difference?

More on Farming
How much do you know about agriculture in the United States? Take a quiz to test your farm knowledge, and view farming statistics.

Reporter's Notebook
Correspondent Chris Farrell was surprised to find a thriving writing community in a small farm town.

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Antibiotics on the Farm

  by Daniel Zwerdling
Farmers have been using growing amounts of antibiotics to raise meat animals—the same antibiotics humans take when we get sick—despite warnings from public health officials. Read  Listen (Real Audio, 16:31)

Through photos, visit a Danish chicken farm where antibiotic feed for animals is outlawed, and learn about antibiotic resistance.

How taking antibiotics can actually make you more sick.

Reporter's Notebook
On the streets of Copenhagen, Correspondent Daniel Zwerdling learns an important lesson about the dramatic changes on Denmark's farms.

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