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Web Links

Environmental Working Group Farm Subsidy Database, 1996-2000
See who received money in your hometown. This site lets you search a database of recipients of farm subsidies by name or location. Even if you live in an urban area, some of your neighbors have collected farm subsidies from the government.

National Farmers Union
A 100 year-old organization whose goal is to preserve family farms and ranches.

Rural Development Online
The United States Department of Agriculture's rural development Web site.

USDA 1996 Farm Bill
A summary of the 1996 farm bill.

Text of the Current Senate Farm Bill

Text of the Current House Farm Bill

Agriculture Policy & Farm Bill Briefing Book
A briefing book for the 2002 farm bill prepared by the National Council for Science and the Environment.

U.S. Foreign Agricultural Policy
An overview of the United States' foreign agricultural policy from Foreign Policy in Focus.

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