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High Tech Agriculture
Visit Gary Wagner's precision farm in Crookston, Minnesota.

listen to Gary Wagner on young people and farming (Real Audio, 1:30)

Soybeans & Machinery
Visit Marc Curtis' soybean farm in Greenville Mississippi, and view machinery at the Farm Tractors Company and a John Deere dealership.

listen to Marc Curtis on why farmers don't wear tennis shoes (Real Audio, 1:01)

California Farming
Visit Russ Lester's organic walnut farm in Davis, California, see antique farm equipment at the University of California, Davis, and visit the Davis farmers' market.

listen to Russ Lester on why he grows organic walnuts (Real Audio, 2:19)

Aging in the Heartland
Visit retirees living at St. Luke's in Spencer, Iowa.

listen to Carl Bruns on playing pool (Real Audio, 1:22)

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