Erica Bennett
"I wasn't growing out of the teenage blues."


Michael Brinker
"I am glad to find out that I am not the only person who was faced with it during school."


Betty Brunell
"No matter how many times he tries to start over, all his past mistakes keep coming back to haunt us."


Kathleen Burr
"Death was so attractive to me... I did everything you can think of that's reckless."


"My siblings and I were resentful of him. When something went wrong, we blamed Spencer."


Dede Carter
"It took me a long time to realize that I was the expert on my child."


Anne Charlap
"Here I am: the crazy girl's mom, isolated in the suburbs."


Kimberly Coffman
"I was blamed for many years for my son's 'fussiness.'"


Kevin Collison
"After hearing these stories, I will definitely have more compassion."


"They'd never tell a diabetic child his/her need for insulin was 'all in your head.'"


"I do not want my son to be seen as a 'troubled kid.'"


Marie Gibb
"The significant impact on siblings is very real."


Kimberly Gourlay
"I grieve for the loss of my son, who is now just a shell of his former self."


A. H.
"I became the bad person when all I was trying to do was protect my daughter."


Tracy Hammer
"The hardest part of getting well for me, is realizing the effect my moods had on my child."


Samuel Helms
"Just because your kids like Kurt Cobain, it does not mean they are mentally ill."


Tre Herzog
"She loves school, even though she struggles."


Teresa Karlson
"Each time someone talks about it, it helps someone else."


Rose Keppler
"They need to discover for themselves what it is they need, not pushed into oblivion by drugs."


Sharon Liddle
"It was not the diagnoses I needed to hear, but there was definitely something wrong with my son."


Laura Olexa
"I work hard to provide for us, I work multiple jobs in addition to my regular 40 hours a week... and he comes with me because I can't find him care."


Penny Pinkerton
"I have it and am a success story."


Kirk Reed
"I have one house with too many holes in the walls."


L. S.
"Starting in kindergarten, we saw him disintegrate before our eyes."


Lorraine Skiles
"Quite often it is hard to love someone that is so aggressive and angry."


Angela Jean Smith
"He has done a complete 360 degree turn around and it's like I have my son back!"


"I felt nothing was wrong with me."


Gina Walker
"I finally received validation of my feelings."


Laura Walthers
"My son was sick and not bad, not stupid, not strong willed, not delinquent. He was a child in need of help." 


Cathy Weller
"At age 21 now, he still struggles with the bipolar diagnosis, partly because his current psychiatrist doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that diagnosis."


Diane Zwick
"I am still learning. It never seems to be enough or in time."

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