Today, it's estimated that up to half a million children have bipolar illness, but the diagnosis remains controversial. A relatively small number of psychologists and psychiatrists treat the condition in young people. So how do parents, teachers, physicians recognize the brain disorder in a child, and then seek help?

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What is bipolar in children?
Most children can be volatile at some point in their development, with no particular cause for worry. But at what point do irritability, mood swings and tantrums constitute a serious mental illness? - more

How do you treat a child with bypolar disorder?
Bipolar disorder is a relatively new and controversial diagnosis for children. Does it exist? And if so, how many kids have it? As the professionals debate the prevalence of the disorder in children, anguished parents are still wondering, "What is going on?" - more

How do bipolar children interact with the world?
Public schools are among the most important community institutions when it comes to dealing with mental illness. During the school year, kids spend about a third of their waking hours in the classroom. But how does a child learn during rapid mood swings and unpredictable behavior that turns teachers and administrators into adversaries? - more

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