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  Vietnam Scrapbook

Scott Stratton
Pflugerville, TX, USA

Let me start by saying you must read the story by Chris Smith received April 23.

I knew Dave Haffley better than my own father. And in many ways he was. Dave always called me his son, and treated me as such. Dave shared many stories about Vietnam with Chris and I. Stories too terrible to discuss. Dave needed someone to share his stories of carnage with,and Chris and I always seemed to be there for him. I am sad to say I was not with David the night he took his life. Chris and I always seemed to be able to help bring him some peace. I am a Desert Storm Vet. ;however, Desert Storm was a picnic in the park compared to Vietnam. Dave helped me realize that men, all men, are capable of becoming complete animals. One story Dave shared with me was one I will never forget. He got "The Stare" and told me of atrocities I never could of imagined. He told me how much of a killing machine he had become in Vietnam. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

Dave told me to love everyone, love life, love art, music, and everything that is possible....love it!

He never could escape the images in his mind, and he could never forget some things he had done.
Somehow Dave managed to take all the horrible things that happened to him and inspire others. What a man! Above all he taught me how much of a monster I was. I had not done, or seen anything as graphic as Dave; however, I was more of a monster than he. I had hate, depression, and many other things in my heart. So much so that I contimplated taking my own life.

If Dave Haffley had not went through Vietnam...Im not sure I would be here today. All this time I thought I was comforting Dave....how foolish!

It was Dave that had brought peace to me.

I will never forget you Dave...and I will never forget all the kind things you did for me....your other son....

Scott Stratton


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