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Chris Smith
Lewisville , TX, USA

My father was David Henry Haffley. He managed to survive Vietnam, only later to end up a casualty. On April 9, 2000, my father took his own life, in a hotel room in Dallas, TX. Not the typical tortured soul produced from this era, he contracted Hep-B during the war and it was not discovered for over thirty years. He sustained massive liver damage, this disease required he take large quanities of prescribed drugs. These drugs included many powerful anti-depressants to counter act the treatment. The constant changing of these drugs and an exsisting Thyriod condition resulted in depression and dark places my dad could not escape from. He survived the war only long enough to touch all of us. Bring about better people because of his experience. He did not just touch my life, he made it better, somehow more complete. He seemed to do that for everyone who knew him. My father ran straight forward into life, sometimes coming to walls, he managed to leap most. And in his soul he has now managed to leap Vietnam. Semper Fi.

I found this site because in my father's personal effects' from the Dallas Medical Examiner's office, was a napkin with the address. Guess he was trying to touch us all.

If you served with him, or knew him, please contact me at

Thank you.

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