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Producers: Trey Kay, Deborah George, and Stan Bumgardner
Editor: Catherine Winter
Executive Editor and Host: Stephen Smith

Coordinating Producer: Ellen Guettler
Audio Mixing: Craig Thorson

Associate Producers: Anna Sale, Rosa Meyer, Mia Lobel
Music: Michael Lipton and Tristram Lozaw
Technical Assistance: Jonathon Mitchell
Production Assistance: Frankie Barnhill

Online Producer: Ochen Kaylan
Online Editor: Emily Hanford

Special thanks to Henry Battle, Peter Clowney, Richard Fauss of the West Virginia Archives, Lee Pecht of the Rice University Woodson Research Center, John Lynch of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive, Dr. Carol Mason, Dr. William Martin, Dr. Calvin Skaggs, Fannie Casey, Deborah Jarvis, Eleanor Davis, Templeton Kay, Luci Wellborn, Will Hanna, Susan Small, Ruth Josek, Craig Kay, Sam & Janie Bowling, Kathy Kay, Gaston Caperton, Jill Wilson, D.L. Hamilton, Brooks McCabe, Bonnie Brown, Carl Riehl, Carey Harrison, Richard Douglass, James A. Muhammad, Scott Finn, Peter Sullivan, Hoppy Kercheval, Randall Reid-Smith, David Krasnow, Jacqueline Cincotta, Lu Olkowski, Public Radio Exchange, West Virginia Public Broadcasting and New York Public Radio - WNYC.

The Great Textbook War was sponsored by the Kanawha Valley Historical and Preservation Society and made possible with funding from the West Virginia Humanities Council, Friends of West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Kanawha County Senators Community Partnership Grant, the CRC Foundation, the Spencer Foundation and generous listener support.

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