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Hearing is Seeing®

AMERICAN RADIOWORKS® is the highly esteemed national documentary unit of American Public Media. ARW creates documentaries, series projects, podcasts and online content for the public radio system and the Internet.

  • American RadioWorks produces hour-long documentaries distributed by American Public Media to public radio stations across the country.
  • ARW produces shorter documentaries and series projects for news magazines, including All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Marketplace, and The World.
  • Extensive online documentaries accompany all ARW radio projects, providing background, original photography, interactive elements and streaming audio of the radio documentaries.

Since its inception, American RadioWorks has been anchored by some of the most experienced and acclaimed journalists in public radio (see staff page).

ARW does not seek unsolicited proposals for documentary projects. We generally do not commission, acquire or distribute documentaries from independent or station-based producers. For more information please contact:

Ellen Guettler
Coordinating Producer

ARW covers education issues focusing on critical issues in K-12 and higher education. Principal themes include:

  • Education and opportunity
  • K-12 research and practice around post-secondary readiness
  • Education needs in the 21st century

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Stephen Smith
Host and Executive Editor

Emily Hanford

Samara Freemark
Producer and Reporter

Laurie Stern
Associate Producer and Reporter

Suzanne Pekow
Assistant Producer

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