Barbara Williams


My name is Barbara and I live in the Bronx and I, I was inTower Two on 9/11, and it was a terrible experience for me because I was there in '93, when they bombed it, and I lost my two bosses and five co-workers. Six of us were in my office that morning and I'm the only one alive.

And I injured my back and it has been a struggle for me ever since 9/11 because I didn't know that my back was injured and I had come back to work and I'm able to speak now, but some days it's hard for me to speak some days, because I'm just thinking about what happened on that day and I'm losing my bosses and co-workers bring me to tears.

My therapist told me that I had post-traumatic stress because, you know, I just wanted to go back to work and do what I usually do before. He told me that I didn't really realize what was happening to me.

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