Victim List
A complete list of passengers and crew members killed on Pan Am 103.

Juval Aviv: Fabricator or Smear Victim?
A former Israeli intelligence agent and private investigator who asserted that drugs were involved in the bombing of Pan Am 103 in a report written for Pan Am airlines in 1989. The US government has since attempted to discredit Juval Aviv on several occasions.

Primary Sources
Some documents referred to in this report, including transcripts of Tony Gauci's key police statements and papers pertaining to the background of private investigator Juval Aviv (in Adobe PDF format). See a list of files

The radio report as aired on public radio.
RealAudio: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (How to Listen )

Printable Version of Shadow over Lockerbie
A printable version of the complete text for this story, is available here.

Web Resources

BBC retrospective
A collection of articles from Ian Ferguson and Professor Robert Black, QC

Lockerbie articles at the Glasgow Sunday Herald

Aircraft Accident Report No 2/90
Official British Department of Transport report about the crash.

Lockerbie Incident Page
This privately maintained Web site provides more than 25 MB of documents, pictures,
sounds, films and all kinds of information about the crash of Pan Am 103 at Lockerbie from 1988 to present day.

Retrospective from Syracuse, NY, newspaper

35 Syracuse University students and five others with ties to central New York were aboard PanAm Flight 103 and fell victim to the bombing
Lockerbie Memorial at Syracuse University

BBC coverage on the two Libyans coming to trial

Pan Am 103: Searching for the truth
Journalist Ian Ferguson on the origins of "Shadow Over Lockerbie".


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