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Middle East News Report
Translation of a report from Al-Dustur, a Jordan-based news agency, in June, 1989. The news organization said its main source for the story was an Iranian cleric who'd gone into hiding. The report details alleged planning by Iran and the Syria-based PFLP-GC leading to the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Former US Lockerbie investigators say such reports were "not verified."

Crown Invitation to Bollier
Scottish Crown prosecutors' invititation to Bollier in 1999 to examine timer fragments in Scotland.

Bollier police statement #1 and #2
Statements by Bollier, signed by Scottish police witnesses, alleging the timer fragments were altered during Bollier's visit to Scotland.

Tony Gauci statement #1
Transcript of Tony Gauci's first statement to Scottish detectives. He describes the Arabic shopper whom he remembers buying items like those recovered from the bomb suitcase in Lockerbie.

Tony Gauci statement #2

Gauci's police statement March 5, 1990. He describes seeing a newspaper photo of Mohammed Abu Talb, whom he says "may have been the man who bought the clothing." Investigators were apparently impressed by the ID - enough to promptly leak it to reporters. On March 18, 1990, the New York Times Magazine reported that "the clothing the bomb was wrapped in had been purchased in Malta by Mohammed Abu Talb."

Tony Gauci statement #3
Gauci's statement of February, 1991. He says Abdelbaset Megrahi (the man in photo no. 8) resembles the mystery shopper -- sort of.

Al-Amin Fhimah Diary Entry

A diary entry by Libyan defendant Al-Amin Fhimah refers to Air Malta baggage "taggs" (sic). Prosecutors say Fhimah used stolen tags from that airline to place the bomb-laden suitcase on Air Malta Flight 180. The defense is expected to offer a benign explanation for the diary entry.

Mike Jones Diary Entry
On December 29, 1988 Pan Am security manager Mike Jones noted in his diary a phone call from the British Customs official: "Call from Phil Connolly H.M. [Her Majesty's] Customs/Excise re FRA bag switch due to large amount of Turkish workers."

Yigal Carmon letter
Letter discrediting Juval Aviv, purportedly written by an Israeli government advisor.

Dept of Justice Contract
A contract between the US Justice Department and Juval Aviv's Interfor, Inc., filed in court by Aviv.

Interfor Report

Juval Aviv's 27-page report on the bombing of Flight 103, prepared for Pan Am World Airways and its insurance company

Dept of Justice Memos, etc.
FBI memos on Juval Aviv, obtained by the Freedom of Information Act and filed in court by Aviv

Claim of US Government Campaign Against Aviv

1997 letter from Juval Aviv's attorney to US Justice Department officials, claiming government agents have waged a campaign of disinformation, malicious prosecution, and harrassment against Aviv since his report on Pan Am 103. Aviv has filed a notice of intent to sue the government.

State Dept Warnings #1 and #2
#1: State Department warning in early December, 1988, to overseas personnel, of threatened attack on Pan Am flight through Frankfurt. Some relatives of Pan Am 103 victims say such warnings should have been made public.

#2: Warning posted at the US Embassy in Moscow, December 13, 1988. An unknown number of government employees cancelled plans to fly on Pan Am 103 on December 21st