July 2003

by John Biewen and
Stephen Smith
To fully grasp the ongoing tensions between the United States and North Korea, it is important to understand the war that ended fifty years ago this summer. John Biewen and Stephen Smith of American RadioWorks examine the often-overlooked war that helped define global politics and American life for the second half of the 20th century.

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This week's topic: Race

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John Biewen wonders why the Korean War was "forgotten" and David Cline "stirs things up."

See a step-by-step account of the military movements of the Korean War.

The Cold War Turns Hot
The brutal war that almost led to World War III -- and instead may have prevented it.
The Armed Forces Integrate
For the first time, black and white soldiers fought shoulder to shoulder in an integrated military.
What the Experts Say
Scholars, historians, and authors speak on declassified Soviet documents, the Korean War shaping the Cold War, and racism and integration in the U.S. military.
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