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    Producers/Reporters: John Biewen and Tennesse Watson of the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University and by Laurie Stern and Chris Farrell of American RadioWorks
    Editor: Catherine Winter

    Executive Editor/Host: Stephen Smith

    Production assistance from: Ellen Guettler, Ambar Espinoza, Suzanne Pekow, Nancy Rosenbaum, and Ariel Kitch
    Administrative assistance from: Tricia Kostichka

    Web Producer: Ochen Kaylan

    Audio mixing: Sam Keenen

    Archival audio of David Duke rally recorded by Ernesto (Cato) Estrada for the documentary film Nuestra Comunidad - Latinos in North Carolina, directed and produced by Penny Simpson and Joanne Hershfield. http://www.newsouthproductions.com

    Archival audio of the 2006 Pilgrimage For Justice and Immigrants' Rights' Rally in Siler City courtesy of Gabriel F. Soltren of Soltren.net Video Production. http://www.soltren.net

    Nuevo South was made possible in part by a grant from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation.

    This program is part of The Real Face of Poverty, American RadioWorks' series on poverty and opportunity in the United States. Support for this series comes from Northwest Area Foundation. Major funding for American RadioWorks comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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