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August, 2001

Anne Garrels, NPR

Left, Orthodox worshippers at blessing of spring water in Valdai. Photo: Rob Rand

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Moscow and St. Petersburg are the preeminent Russian cities. But Russians themselves will tell you that the real Russia lies elsewhere, in the villages of Russia's heartland. Join NPR's Anne Garrels as she travels through the provinces of Russia, searching for the soul of a people:

Read or listen to the one-hour radio documentary.

Book Excerpts
Aleksandr Radishchev's Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow has long been required classroom reading in Russia, and an inspiration for the nation's reformers and revolutionaries.

Through photos, follow along Producer Rob Rand and Reporter Anne Garrels as they trace Radischev's 200-year-old footsteps from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Interview with the Producer
Along with Correspondent Anne Garrels, Producer Rob Rand researched, recorded, and wrote A Russian Journey. Read the American RadioWorks interview with him.

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