During the World War Two years, a series of groundbreaking radio programs tried to mend the deep racial and ethnic divisions that threatened America. At a time when blacks were usually shown on the radio as lazy buffoons, the federal government and civil rights activists used radio for a counter attack. Did radio unify America in the face of war? This is "Radio Fights Jim Crow".
February 2001

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Americans All, Immigrants All

Freedom's People

New World A'Coming

Destination Freedom


Neither Free nor Equal
Performed live at the Mixed Blood Theater, February 15, 2000
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Neither Free nor Equal was originally aired on WCCO radio in 1947. It fought prejudice by recreating true stories of discrimination that had been documented by social-service agencies in the Twin Cities during the 1940s.

Starring Sally Wingert, Allen Hamilton, Sue Scott, Shawn Hamilton, Gary Groomes and a cast of 12 others.
Directed by Peter Moore
Sound effects by Tom Keith
Live Music by Gregory Theison
Photos by Liz Banfield

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