America's Drug Wars
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Indoor Gardening

After reading, studying and researching the history of Cannabis sativa and separating the government lies from the facts, at age 54, having smoked pot no more than 3-5 times previously, I decided to grow my own.

Marijuana is a non-addictive, low-calorie natural herb. After cultivating the crop, I lost 35 pounds of flab acquired from excessive drinking and lack of exercise. I am an alcoholic, and cannabis, as several obscure studies and my own personal experience indicate, can eliminate the desire to drink.

There is no need to process this herb (like tobacco, for example) so pot cannot be taxed. Who would pay a tax on something they can grow/obtain on their own for personal use? "The War Against Drugs" against this natural herb was lost before it fought its first battle.

Prohibition II is here to stay. Indoor gardeners frankly don't give a damn. Thank you, MPR.

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Cleveland, OH

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