America's Drug Wars
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Drug Dealer Killed My Brother!

My brother was a business man in Cali, Colombia. He was in the gold business for 18 years. He began to sell gold by bicycle, or by bus, a long time ago. He was never involved in any drug business. One month ago the paramilitary groups (illegal army) kidnapped him.

He refused to pay money—la vacuna—and the paramilitary people tortured two of his workers, and killed them! After that, they cut my brother with a knife (according to the autopsy), and finally cut his head. He was kidnapped on a Wednesday and his body appeared three days later on the road. The murderers took his wallet, got family photos and started to harass my father, an 82-year-old retired teacher with terminal cancer. Twenty-five days later, my father died because of cancer and the criminal action of paramilitary.

The paramilitary group is now after my younger brother. They tried to kill him twice. They asked for him at his job and came to his house. Fortunately he left the country, his wife, his business, his land, and his family. Then the paramilitary fired three of my brother's farmers, and harassed their workers. Now nobody is on that property and everything is abandoned because they are scared.

Those paramilitary groups represent the most criminal and barbaric kind of people who practice dirty war against innocent people and workers, rich or not.

Michael Leon
Union, NJ

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