America's Drug Wars
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Conspiracy Theory

I am currently facing 20 to life in Oklahoma on a fabricated charge of conspiracy to manufacture CDS (Amphetamine). The charges are from 1999 and were dismissed in early 2000. Now they have been reinstated, once again ruining my life, and staining my name in my community.

America's current policies of automatically believing and legitimizing the statements of 'informants' (generally, actual criminals just out to save their own ass) are in place for one reason only. If one 'snitch' can bring at least two other people in, that lets the defense attorneys add two times (or more) the notches to their gun belts. Local police are allowed to confiscate personal property of those accused, because guilt does not have to be proven for asset forfeiture, and proving innocence does not guarantee the property will be returned.

America's War on Drugs has failed. The people know it, and so does the Government. So why does it continue?

It's all about the money, man.

Brian Cummings

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