Revisiting Vietnam American RadioWorks
  Vietnam Scrapbook

neal jensen, Vietnam veteran
redmond, ut, usa

I owe my compassion to so real nosed g.i. That is for animals ,because while cheking out some mountain huts the people where gone so our fine g.i.s slaughtered every animal there I mean viously with mastees the one i remember most is a pig with a cut half way through its body .I stopped in horrifided dis beleif .That was enough to make me hide the thought for 19 years i seen dead people full of maggots i even held a still warm peice of human skull [broke it off myself] ,but some how those people with guns did not effect me. i alway come out on side of animals .They are innocent losers in all this and mountain people or innocent herdmem I do fell the veitnam war did show that americans realy care about democracy .But they wont do it again.I beleived all the domino stories as a young man .But with one percent knowlege and 99% innocecene it cant work unless you have alot of high school drop outs. I would rather go today. i would help them plant rice on there terms not ours


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