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  Revisiting Vietnam American RadioWorks
  Vietnam Scrapbook

MaySoua Thao
Champlin, Minnesota, USA

I've never given much thought about how much of an impact a war can affect generations until I heard my younger son rephrase something to his teacher. Because of the years of war times in Southeast Asia, my grandfather died even before I was born and my grandmother died at a refugee camp. My husband lost both of his parents to the war and I lost my father. Sometimes my husband would tell our children what life was like in Laos and why they don't have grandparents. My seven year old son, bowing his head, talking about his grandfather said, "I don't have a grandfather because there was a bad war, my grandfather was a soldier and he was shot and died." It had sadden my heart so much that to hear that.
I think I have blocked out painful and tragedy things out of my life that I have not noticed they also affect my children.


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