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Ken Taylor, Vietnam veteran
Bathurst, NSW, Australia

I read Kate's note on how the Vietnam Veterans would not talk to the young about their time in country. Well Brother, I will be talking to a class of 10 and 11 year olds on Wednesday the 3rd May 2000, at home here In out back Australia. The teacher has asked my self and another Vet to talk to the children about our times. My Mates son said to me"Uncle Ken you don't have to if you feel it will hurt you. We have already studied how the feelings and sadness of the Veterans can affect their lives." I said to him, "You don't understand." He said to me "Your right you know. I don't understand. But I would like to."

I will be doing a 1Hour question and answer session with 35 children. I can hack it. I think, I can, but this time I promise not to quit, well not until the last question is answered.

Welcome Home Brothers. Ken Taylor.


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