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Fout Leroy M., Vietnam veteran
Circleville, Ohio, USA

I was 20yrs. old i came from the other side of the tracks ,and I thought I would serve my country. I served with the 1st. Inv.Div. Infentry, I was a pointman for 10 mo. I served 68-69 feb. To feb. I cought the Tet of 68-69 It was a bitch. but I servived, Don a lot of crazy shitro what I had to do to get back to the world.
After returning I had a rough time handling being back and people not careing and knowing guys were still there dieing. I had 5 or 6 jobsin about 8mo. then I started wroking for an old heating plumbing &cooling guy, He was rough and a wwII navy man he tought me and I worked for him 7 yrs. Then I started my oun busness Ive been In my oun heating and cooling business for 23yrs.
during that time Ive struggled with Viet Nam I started VVA of Circleville , Had the first Viet nam popie Put up The largest vnv moument in the state of Ohio and one of the largest in the USA man built by Viet Nam Vets.Ive done many things with and for veterans, not knowing Ihad a problem.One day I woke up and everything did'nt mean anything I was in a deep deep state of depression and I did'nt know what to do. I was at the VA15yrs. before the same thingthey just shook me off they did'nt know about ptsd or how to hndle it, so I tried to take care of mysely like many other vets . this time it was too mush I just wanted it to end I though about suside and it got worse noe of my friends told me to go back to the VAI did and if I haddent I would not be here now.Ive been on medication and it is tough but I'am still hanging in there, but the big thing I never thought it would happen to me but all along I was effected and just got worse , and I know how & why so many vet X themself out. I'am still heating & cooling but now I Have a different out look on life and I just hope I can hold on. Thank you for your Time Sgt. Leroy M. Fout


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