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  Vietnam Scrapbook

richard l. jenkins sr, Vietnam veteran
newport, minnesota, south washington

As a former Black combat veteran of Viet Nam during the mid 60' the Media in general has failed to capatured the heart of those who served in this war. In my company there were a disppotional number of Blacks as well as other Monorities drafted like myself. At the same time another war was in the making within the U.S. Time does not permit me to go into great detail but you get the drift. As a ordained Black Clergy
in the Clinical Pastoral Education Program at St.Cloud Veteran's Hospital,I bring an added demension to their program. By the way,I have received the Purple Heart as well as the Combat Infantry Badge as well result of my duty there.
When we look at the various Penal Systems here
and abroad and the high percentage of Blacks incarcerated as well as drug abuse could there be a strong correlation?
Thanks for hearing my echo


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