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Judson Malcom, Vietnam veteran
Athens, Georgia, USA | Photos

My body is still fighting the Vietnam War as a result of my exposure to Agent Orange and possibly other agents much stronger than Agent Orange. The enclosed photographs are very important. The top photographs prove I was in Vietnam, and the bottom two photographs show two views of a hill that was defoliated with what I was told were Agent Orange and enough other chemicals so that nothing would grow on the hill for 100 years. At the time I was glad that this position had been denied to the enemy and helped secure our positions; however, to a somewhat young and naive soldier the dangers of what might happen if these chemicals got into the ground water supply didn’t even cross my mind. Today as a result of my health and lack of help from a Veterans Administration that can’t or won’t help the Vietnam Veterans and now even some of their children with their health problems I must give a warning.

My warning is address to the final court I can appeal — the court of public opinion. This warning is address to the mothers of the future soldiers of the United States of America. If your child is exposed to chemical/biological agents they might be treated like I and many of my fellow Vietnam Vets. We are many times referred to as crazy, malingers or other degrading terms. All my health records for over 20 years indicate I do have health problems, but according to the Veterans Administration none connected to my service in Vietnam. I was in good health when I went into the service. I was always taught that the pen was mighter than the sword, and in this case I hope it is true.

I don’t want a mother of a sick soldier come up to me during the next war or conflict and say why didn’t you say something or why didn’t you try to let someone know that something was wrong. Well I have and you, the mothers of the future soldiers, need to make a stand now on this issue or you will shead your tears later. Do not let your children go into the military as it now structured.

Judson Malcolm (left) and Fess Parker - 1971

Judson Malcolm at An Son in front of a Cobra gunship

Defoiliated Hill in Qui Nhon.
Picture taken from Quiency compound

Same defoiliated hill from nearby Vung Chui Mountain.



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