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  Revisiting Vietnam American RadioWorks
  Vietnam Scrapbook

Dam-Uyen Tran
BLAINE, Minnesota, USA

The Vietnam War reduced a young boy to a desperate refugee— but Minnesota gave him a new allegiance, life, and promise. Now he wants to make an impact, at a critical time, to all Minnesotans, Americans, and the human race.

It was 1980 that he resentfully became a boat kid, forged from circumstances of poverty that gripped his family of eight. Of course, millions of others were stricken, too, but he was fashioned by life’s harshness into a survival mode. This oldest son sought hopelessly to support himself, his parents, and his five younger siblings… two generations crying for help seemingly onto deaf ears.

This boat kid was safeguarded by God’s protective wings on his trek across the sea and his journey into adulthood. He doesn’t seek greatness, but yearns for a day when generations can live prosperously together; and not merely survive.

Twenty years after bitterly saying so long to his parents, brothers, and sisters for a remote chance abroad, he discovers yet a higher freedom. Now, he longs to share his discovery with people who have walked in similar shoes, and those who have always been carried; those who are in desperation and those in abundance; those in solitude and those in love; and anyone in any walk of life. Unlike career authors, Dam-Uyen Tran’s inspiration is not entertainment, money, or fame, but the effect on people’s lives and the impact on the world we all share.

To that end, he postponed his career, and wrote the one book that will change the world. (http://www.transinformation.com)

This book reveals innovative solutions to world’s escalating evil, and underscores people’s inherent ability to resolve human conflicts. This book also demystifies God, disarms the devil, empowers humankind— and removes war from the battle for peace.


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