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  Vietnam Scrapbook

Evelyn Pedrys
Ranier, Minnesota, USA

I am a the sister of a Navy sailor who was on the USS J.C. Owens during the Viet Nam war years. We were from a little village in northern Minnesota , Ranier it was.

I worried about him all of the time and searched the T. V. news constantly for something, what ever might give me an idea about what was happening to him.

Miricle of miricles he came home in one piece! We were so very lucky, and thankful for it too. Another brother also worked overseas at that time ,in Laos, just hauling freight for a little airline up in the mountains there, He seemed to be tucked safely out of harms way there so I wasn't worried as much about him, then.

Then one day the headlines on the morning news shows screamed AIR AMERICA IS CIA COVER IN LAOS! WOW! I was completely shocked, by this unsettling news. The rest is, of course is history. I was once again very happy to see this brother come home to us none the worst for wear. We were a very, very lucky family back then when the "stuff hit the fan", in the end Our brothers came home.


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