Revisiting Vietnam American RadioWorks
  Vietnam Scrapbook

Ray Simney
Minneapolis, MN, USA

The writer is a 52 year old man who refused induction into the armed services and was acquited. Many, many years ago, a U.S. military officer said of the Viet Nam conflict, "Bad war, good soldier." The writer agrees. Welcome back, G.I. During the recent media attention to this issue, the question "Why?" has been repeated more than once. The government response to that question during, or leading up to, the Persian Gulf War, was, "Oil, Oil, Oil". In 1967 or '68 a map of Viet Nam was published with the coastal waters partitioned into sections with the names of various American oil companies inserted into the sections. If we Americans, continue to revere the "Golden calf", we will continue to reap like rewards. It was stated by another country several years back, "If you Americans keep going in the direction your headed, you are going to end up there". The corporations continue to lead us.


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