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  Vietnam Scrapbook

Nol Meyer
Studio City , California, USA

Dear American Radioworks,
I was two years old when arrived in this country on Apirl 14th 1975. One of the few hundred lucky amerasian children to leave during Operation Babylift. Of course I have no memories of the war, but Viet Nam continues to affect my life 25 years later. One experience with an Amerasian girl who did not make it out inspired me to write the following poem. It is titled "Ong Troi Biet," which roughly translates into "Only God Knows."
They say, after a big accident that those Lucky few are wracked with guilt, because they Lived.
I was in a big accident, 26 years ago and by all accounts I shouldn't be here. But I made it. I am one of the lucky few. And most of the time I am very happy, but whenever I return to the scene of the accident the scars buried deep, ache again. And the guilt of my luck is unbearable. When I ask her Why? All she can do is turn away and reply, "ong Troi Biet."
Thank You, Nol Meyer


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