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  Vietnam Scrapbook

Steve Semus
Millville, N.J., U.S.A.

I was born about 10 years to late to have been directly involved in the Vietnam conflict,however I do have some very vivid memories of that era and feel a very strong connection to those who were there. I can remember when I was young,seeing guy's who were just back in the U.S.A. walking through our just opened local shopping mall,in uniform, and my grandmother explaining to me that they were "green berets" etc, by the markings on the uniforms. I also have memories of vet's at the Jersey Shore who obviously were victim's of casualty. I don't know why I feel the way I do,but this war seems to be such a big part of my childhood I can't ignore it. I have nothing but respect for all of the vet's who served this country so proudly,only to find that they were lied to and manipulated by our government.I have several friends that are vet's, and who have told me that they have memories of both good and bad and that they are glad for the experience. Personally I feel nothing but sorrow when I see the web pages and hear the stories of these men. I did not need to be there to know that"war is hell"


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