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William Washburn, Vietnam veteran
Mission Viejo, Calif., USA

I hate to say that the war was the defining point in my life. I try to explain to my wife the one is never more alive than when faced with death. I don't think she gets it. Now when faced with life's tramas I draw upon my war expierences and get things into perspevtive. I was wounded twice and I have a buddy that was wounded three times in one day. Now when he is having a bad day he jokes and says "hey, any day that they don't shoot you is a good day." I know exactly what he means. I have been reasonably successful in my cilvian life which started with my honorable discharge from the Navy. I was a corpsman and spent the entire year of 1968 with the Third Division, Third Marines, Mike Company opperating in the I Corps area, right on the DMZ.

I appreciate your acknowledgement of us vets and the war by running this series.

Doc Washburn


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