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Benji Hyland
San Antonio, TX, USA

I probably don't have much right to talk about the Vietnam War as if I understand it. I wasn't even born until after the U.S. had pulled out. What I do know is that because of the Vietnam War I now know my father better than ever.

I'm a student at Trinity University. This past semester I took a class that focused specifically on the Vietnam War. It's a communications course, so the curriculum was movies made, literature written, songs played, all about the Vietnam War. The different perspectives - the soldier, the draftee, the wives back home, grunts, FNG's, ect... My father is a veteran. He was a draftee.

My father recently came to San Antonio and spoke to my class. He read parts of his journal, showed pictures of his experience, and told us what it was like for him back in 1969. I'm 22 years old, and through this class, this war, I've learned so much about my dad. I've learned that I am proud of him for doing his duty. He went through hell in Vietnam and experienced mental anguish that I can't even imagine. He makes me proud because he tried his whole life to protect me from these things, and did a great job.

After learning about the Vietnam conflict, I have nothing but respect for those who served and lived, and those who's names are on the black marble memorial in DC. My dad is one of those people, and I can't completely express how good I feel about him. Pride, I guess, is the best way to describe it. I love my dad, always have, now I know another reason why.


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