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  Vietnam Scrapbook

james parent, Vietnam veteran
st.paul, minnesota, us

having elisted into the army, and then transfered to the c.i.a. as a field officer i was witness to may of battles. the armerican government for telling the army where they could and could not fight.the south vietnam government for not doing what they could to fight the war. the local chief for refusing to fire their artillery till they were given more ammo up front before the fight. and the hmong warriors who refused to fight and went home because the company was slow in getting their pay to them. the lack of support by the vietnam people who thought that it was not their war, but the americans war.and last the fight the company had with the vietnam army, these brave people, for during the later 1971 when the nav attacked our unit, it was the brave men who threw down their weapons and ran as fast as they could.leaving a team of c.i.a. agent, and a few special forces to drive back the nva.And now 25 years later have a former talk show host who is spanish and is a lawyer gets on tv and says we lost the war, strange i did not see him over there.and finally the va, for forgetting that they are here to help the vets. this is something that they have forgotten to do. Its been over 25 years since i was in combat, and not a day goes by that i still remember it.


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