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Si, Tran
Berkeley, CA, USA

I got out of Vietnam since 1980 to flee the brutal and oppressive Communist regime. I grew up from the war and saw its horrors. I hated it during the war, after the war, and even more after coming here to experience a very different environment that offers both individual freedom and comforts. I can sympathize with Americans who either opposed or supported the war. But let's face it: war is hell. The war took a wrong course for America but look at what eventually happened to the Communism world? A total collapse and many, including the present Vietnam, had to turn into capitalist "enemy" countries for help! The US and those who fought the war should have been proud of what they did since who else other than America was willing to take this dirty job or heeded call for help from the South Vietnamese (of course along with other interests or reasons)?

It is too bad that we lost the war. For those who feel guilty? NO, PLEASE! Look at what Vietnam is today? CORRUPTED GOVERMENT, OPPRESSING and ROTTENING REGIME, and POOR COUNTRY (of course the war is part blamed, but the main one is bad government). Isn't that worth for the South to fight for and ask help from US? It is the North Vietnamese invaders who should have felt guilty of causing miseries to others: the South and those Americans serving in the war. The North lost a lot of people too but isn't that resulted from their aggressive actions? We should have asked for compensation from them. Unfortunately they are too foxy and besides, they cannot afford it! I think 25 years is a brief in history but should be long enough for us to see the basic truth of a war even with all of its complications and controversials.


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