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  Vietnam Scrapbook

Cynthe Ann Winebrenner, Vietnam era veteran
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

I was Stationed at March AFB in California 1965-69. Women except for nurses were not "allowed" to go to war. I stayed behind and trained communicators, All men. I attended a briefing for the guys slotted to go to Vietnam. I was the only woman. I signed the volunteer list, but the Chiefs only laughed. I adamantly beleive with egual rights comes equal responsibilty, part of the reason I joined the United States Air Force. As the war of betrayal (Vietnam and Robert McNamara) dragged on, priorities changed. I changed...
I now and have for 15 years, dedicate my volunteer time to the American Field Service ( AFS) to generate world peace "one friendship at a time" the AFS exchange students and volunteers I know understand the importance of peace and communication, not waging war and betrayal.


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