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  Revisiting Vietnam American RadioWorks
  Vietnam Scrapbook

John A. Murphy III, Vietnam veteran
Frisco, TX, USA

As I get older, I must say I got old real quick the day I landed in-country, I would be hard pressed to participate in another "police action"
brought to us by our leaders who know what's best for us by virtue of the fact that they got a majority of the public vote.

Stop the spread of communism. Where, in California, Texas, or maybe Virginia? How about in Hue or Anh Loc or Saigon. As we saw at the end of this century Communism stopped itself.

So what were we fighting for (with one arm tied behind our back, a certain handicap forced upon us by the very "leaders" who sent us to fight)?
If someone ever figures out the real reason we sacrificed our best and brightest young people please turn the light back on so I can find my way out of this tunnel.



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