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  Revisiting Vietnam American RadioWorks
  Vietnam Scrapbook

Dave Fetters, Vietnam veteran
Holland, Michigan, USA

As a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S.Army Special Forces, I was stationed at a Cambodian border camp in III Corps NW of Tay Ninh. Rather than try to write letters home on a regular basis, my wife and I sent audio tapes back and forth. We used poor quality reel-to-reel half- and one-hour tapes but they worked well enough. My father in his wisdom re-recorded and saved most of the tapes I sent home during the six months in the border camp. These reflect day-to-day minor triumphs and tribulations as well as my emotions at the time which could never be expressed as well by letter. In the background on occasion there are sounds of guns and mortars firing, helicopters, and camp sounds. We have 21 hours of tape which has been transcribed by a local college student working for the Holland archives. My wife and I are now proof reading them to help with the spelling and occasional mumbling on tape. It has been emotional to review this information but worthy of our efforts.


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