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Richard "Red" Hill, Vietnam veteran
Waldo, FL, USA

I served with 2nd Battalion - 9th Marines in
Vietnam from Jan 68 - Aug 69. I had just turned 18
when I took what I call my "High School Senior
Trip" to that country. I spent 19 months with the
finest bunch of Marines that have ever served in
the Corps.
When I came home boy had things changed. It was
"Hard Hats" and "Long Hairs." I was torn between
two worlds. Unbeknownst to me at that time I went
into a world of my own. It took me 14 years to
discover that. It was 1984 when I stumbled upon a
Vietnam Veterans group. My life openend up. And
it changed very drastically. At that point in
time I decided I needed to find the three men that
I could remember from those days. I went to "The
Wall" in DC on that year on Veterans Day and
carried my Unit Logo "Hell In a Helmet" on a
banner and stood at the edge of the crowd hoping
to find anyone that I served with. Like zombies,
men came up to me and said "I was with 2/9." Even
though most weren't in my Company, I took down
their names and addresses and mailed each man a
copy just before Christmas. They might know
someone. I went back every year, still searching.
Well now I have 1300 men on my mailing list.
There now is a 2/9 Network and a web site, There have been
7 reunions. There will be an 8th this year.
How has Vietnam changed me.....Well it changed me
when I got there....and I am still there...looking
for and linking together old buddies who haven't
seen or talked to one another in over 30 years.
And you know what....I wouldn't change anything.

Semper Fi Brothers....OORAH!

PS....I might forgive Jane Fonda

When the Jews forgive Hitler


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