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  Vietnam Scrapbook

Thomas Guidry
Bloomfield, NJ, USA

My father was a Viet Nam Vet, 1966-1969.
As a US Marine on active duty, he served in multiple locations in Nam, including the DMZ.
He was awarded the Purple Heart for his trouble.

During his tour in-country, I rasied the family with my mother.

Upon his return, the biggest and loudest disagreements of our lives took place. The arguements raged mostly over the conduct of the war (read "Police Action") and the "Rules of Engagement" and their utter futility.

The lives lost on "OUR" side, "THEIR" side and the Viet people caught in-between the two opposing ideologies and the greed, as well as stupidity/cupidity of the leaders on all sides is staggering. All involved, except the leaders, were and are VICTIMS.

A war should never be waged by politicians.
From the Viet Nam War to the Gulf War - we STILL haven't learned.



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