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MinhHong, Do
Sacramento, California, USA

I left Vietnam when I was 16 years old. I remember sitting in the back seat of a small car that my brother was driving across the lines of fire, enveloped in smoke and the sound of guns and canons and my mother and sisters wailing. It was on April 30, 1975. We were part of the second wave of the boat people,those not rescued by American ships or helicopters. After 7 days on the ocean, we finally saw land, actually Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand. I remember crying at the sight of dark green military jeeps parked on the bay and tears streaming down my sisters' face when Thai students handed us a rice ration.
We spent 6 months in a refugee camp and another month at Camp Pendleton.
I would like to see (or hear) NPR do an investigative report about the Vietnamese refugees in the US, thus balancing out the reports about changes in Vietnam.


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