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David Bonello, Vietnam veteran
Stanchfield, MN, USA

You want a story? Go to: where I've written an article about PTSD.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was called Shell Shock, during World War II. It was considered a weakness by many, and misunderstood by all. There were many cases of acute PTSD following a battle, and many a returning veteran spent weeks in hospitals receiving treatment.

In World War II, the average soldier fought in two, possible three major battles a year. In Vietnam, there was a major battle every two weeks. They discovered that by giving each soldier a specific date for his return to the states, that the acute PTSD cases were fewer in number, as each soldier kept counting off his number of days left. However, this tactic has blown up in the face of the experts, as Vietnam has produced an extremely high number of chronic PTSD cases.

PTSD is normal. You cannot go to war, kill human beings, watch your friends killed, and return to normal everyday life without it affecting you. If it didn't affect you, you wouldn't be human.



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