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  Vietnam Scrapbook

Fred Mager, Vietnam veteran
Redford, MI, US

As an infantry platoon leader and company executive officer I was involved in 4 major blood lettings and about 8 fair sized pissing contests. ( Company D, 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry, 1st Inf. Div, May 67-May68) What bothers me now and then was the program of terrorism practiced by the Viet Cong and NVA and it's superficial treatment and denial by the american media. I have personally seen the results of several such incidents. What effects me now is the denial by those who look at the war. As if it never happened. But terrorism by the VC and NVA was common and the moral lapse by those who now look at the war stuns me. Perhaps the most famos episode is the execution of a viet cong fighter by a south vietnamese general which was captured as it happened. I forget the names but this happened during Tet of '68. What the popular media neglects to report and which the photographer does report as told to Al Santoli in one of his books is that the VC had just murdered the wife and 6 children of a RVN major. These victims were not combatants but an innocent family yet this fact is disregarded by most. I sometimes wonder at the moral character of those who disregard this fact. The parallels today are stunning. For example the liberal gov't of Mr Clinton is always prefacing whatever he wants to do as being "for the children" and yet these same people ignore the 27 children consumed in Waco and a woman holding an infant in Ruby Ridge!

I tend to see parallels then and now and this is what bothers me the most. God save us from those who tout their morality, from whichever side they come from!


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