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  Revisiting Vietnam American RadioWorks
  Vietnam Scrapbook

Gordon Michael Browning
Seatle, Washington, USA

I was technically considered to be a non-vet of the War because I was a Reservist (USMC).I went through the same boot camp with Regular Marines,who did become Veterans if they didn't become dead. I feel very much a Vet though.... we all fought this War.Our friends and relatives were dying and being maimed,emotionally as well as physically.We,through our human connections,although not in the same physical locale,were in it just the same. This war was a teaching for many of my generation,who learned about the "Looking Glass War",in which we were just fodder for insane ideas of politicians who really didn't care about the Human costs of this botch up,and brought everything many of us had grown up to believe into question.This may have been the cornerstone that today's cynicism about the political process in this country is founded to some large degree upon. Then,like the second novel of Thomas Wolfe,we found that "We can't go home again."Only now,we're all here together looking for the home we've lost since Vietnam. It's never been quite the same since. Estrangement has become more of the norm, as with homelessness andchild shootings,and more public violence in other areas.It isn't all just because of having more people of different kinds in the country either.Vietnam is a headless ghost that haunts us still.....and by the way,our fighting men didn't "lose" that war either....the Losers were the hollow hearted fools who sent them there to follow directions that got them killed, and maimed, and crazy for no particularly good reason at all.Why is it always the Politicians who take the credit,and the guys who have to follow their orders get the blame for their failings?Our men did all they were allowed to do. Nothing new here...this is the truth we all share and know very well.

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