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Fairfax, va, USA

I was there, witnessed all the urgly human suffers from both side. To me as well as to most Vietnamese people living oversee: THE WOUNDS CAN NOT BE HEALED, THE NIGHTMARES CAN NOT BE STOPPED.

Although I always feel that I am one of the luckiest ones, who have been able to enjoy all freedoms from the most beautifull contry on the world can offer, I am still sufering the wounds mentally and physically. Please DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER MISTAKE ABOUT the Vietnames communists: THEY ARE THE WORST IN OUR THOUSANS OF YEARS LONG HISTORY AND MUST BE DESTROYED TO BUILD A REAL DEMACRACY SOCIETY IN VIETNAM.

Personal profile:
Left Vietnam 1982.
Revisisted Vietnam 1995.
Would never go back as long as the current regime still in power.

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