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  Vietnam Scrapbook

Bob Steinhelfer, Vietnam veteran
Toledo, Ohio, USA

A continuing visual image from my participation in the conflict: I must say as a collaborator, as I volunteered for military service. So did my twin cousins who volunteered for duty in the Marine Corps, and re-enlisted while they were serving in Viet Nam.

My mental etching is from a SAC/MAC base which was a distribution point upon the return of return of the human consequences.

I was on my rotation of the midnight shift, and was on the flight line servicing a newly landed C-130 cargo plane. As I was doing my particular job I walked around the rear of the plane. The big cargo door had been lowered for off loading. There in were bright bare aluminum coffins stacked lengthwise 4 coffins across, and four coffins high. The flight line was cold and windy. The memory is matter of fact. Fresh and new each time it is re-visited. The most vivid of the four years of my military service.


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