Indictment Profiles   

Photo: Special Court for Sierra Leone

Issa Sesay

BACKGROUND: Issa Hassan Sesay aka Issa Sesay of Freetown, Western Area, Republic of Sierra Leone. Sesay served as senior officer and commander in the RUF, Junta and AFRC/RUF forces.

CHARGES*: Sesay is charged with 17 counts of war crimes, including terrorizing civilians, collective punishments, unlawful killings, crimes against humanity, sexual violence, physical violence, use of child soliders, abductions and forced labor, looting and burning, and attacks on UNAMSIL personnel.

Sesay was indicted March 7, 2003 for crimes against humanity and other war crimes. He pled not guilty at his initial court appearance on March 17.

STATUS: As of June, 2003,
Sesay remains in custody at the Special Court detention facility on Bonthe Island, near Freetown.


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