Indictment Profiles   


Sam Hinga Norman

BACKGROUND: Sam Hinga Norman of Ngolala Viallage, Mongeri, Valunia Chiefdom, Bo District, in the Southern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Norman has served in many public positions including: Captain of the Armed forces of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Liaison Representative and Chiefdom Spokesman in Mongeri, Valunia Chiefdom, as Regent Chief of Jaiama Bongo Chiefdom Spokesman, and as Deputy Minister of Defense for Sierra Leone. He was the National Coordinator of the CDF and the leader and commander of the Kamajors. At the time of his indictment, he was serving as the Minister of the Internal Affairs for Sierra Leone.

CHARGES*: Norman is charged with 8 counts of war crimes, including unlawful killings, physical violence and mental suffering, looting and burning, terrorizing civilians, and use of child soldiers.

Norman was national coordinator of the Civilian Defense Force, a pro-government militia that included tribal hunters such as the Kamajors. He was indicted March 7, 2003 for crimes against humanity and other war crimes.

Norman was arrested while serving as Sierra Leone’s interior minister and taken into custody on March 10. After being held outside Sierra Leone, he was transferred to the Special Court detention facility on Bonthe Island. On May 27, 2003 Norman claimed to be on a hunger strike, but prison authorities assert he is accepting packages of cookies and drinking fruit juice. Norman also complains that conditions of his detention violate his human rights. The detention facility has been inspected by the International Red Cross, the Human Rights section of the Sierra Leone UN peacekeeping force UNAMSIL and the Human Rights Committee of the Sierra Leone Parliamentarians.



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