Indictment Profiles   


Johnny Paul Koroma

BACKGROUND: Johnny Paul Koroma aka JPK of Tombodu, Kono District, Republic of Sierra Leone. Koroma was the leader and Chairman of the Armed Forces of Sierra Leone (AFRC) who seized power from the elected government in a coup d'etat on May 25, 1997.

CHARGES*: Koroma is charged with 17 counts of war crimes, including unlawful killings, abductions, forced labor, physical violence, sexual violence, use of child soldiers, looting and burning of civilian structures.

After the war, Koroma joined the government as chairman of the Commission for the Consolidation of Peace.


In January 2003, Koroma fled to Liberia from Sierra Leone after reportedly plotting to overthrow the Sierra Leone government. On June 15, 2003, reports surfaced that Koroma had been killed in Liberia.


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