Indictment Profiles   


Augustine Gbao

BACKGROUND: Augustine Gbao aka Augustine Bao is from Blama, Kenema District, Republic of Sierra Leone. Gbao was a member of the Sierra Leone police from 1981 to 1986. He joined the RUF in 1991 and became a senior officer for RUF, Junta and AFRC/RUF forces. Gbao was Commander of the Internal Defense Units, in charge of all RUF Security Units.

CHARGES*: Gbao is charged with 17 counts of war crimes, including terrorizing civilian populations, collective punishments, unlawful killings, crimes against humanity, sexual violence, physical violence, use of child soldiers, abductions and forced labor, looting and burning, and attacks on UNAMSIL personnel.

Gbao was indicted April 17, 2003 for crimes against humanity and other war crimes. He first appeared in court on April 25 and pled not guilty.

As of June, 2003, Gbao remains in custody at the Special Court detention facility on Bonthe Island. On May 27, 2003, Gbao claimed to be on hunger strike, but prison authorities deny this.


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