October 4, 2004 Update
Callixte Mbarushimana, A former United Nations employee linked to the 1994 Rwanda genocide has been awarded thousands of dollars in compensation by the U.N., according to documents obtained by American RadioWorks. More.

April 2004
In April 1994, the central African nation of Rwanda exploded in violence. Over the next 100 days, 800,000 people died at the hands of Rwandan government troops and militia gangs. Virtually all of the victims belonged to the Tutsi minority. The killers were from the majority Hutu.

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In their own words - Three survivors tell their stories.

Report From the Genocide - Michael Skoler

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April 7, 2004 marks the 10-year anniversary of the beginning of the genocide in Rwanda. The almost incomprehensible slaughter left 800,000 people dead and central Africa in an upheaval that persists today. In the past decade, consensus has emerged that outside governments failed to prevent the genocide. Nations have apologized and vowed they would never let it happen again, but the ghosts of Rwanda persist.

At the end of the genocide, thousands of Hutus suspected of participating in the genocide fled the country. Some died in the refugee camps and brutal fighting in eastern Congo, some were caught and prosecuted in Rwanda and before a U.N. war crimes tribunal, but hundreds of others are living freely in Africa, Europe and North America. This is one man's story.

The widespread killing began April 7, the day after a plane carrying Rwanda's president was shot down. For the most part, major Western powers — the U.N., the Europeans, the Americans — left Rwanda to its own fate. Here, we document the powerful stories of a few individuals who chose to defy the genocidal murderers on a daily basis, and in turn saved thousands of lives.

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Above photos: Damas Gisimba - Stephen Smith; Kofi Annan - UN/DPI Photo by Sergey Bermeniev; Rwandian Soldier - Corinne Dufka; Carl Wilkens - Courtesy of Carl Wilkens; Girl in graveyard - Ricardo Mazalan, Associated Press

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